Person-Centered Services

Maine Vocational Solutions provides appropriate rehabilitation services for individuals with physical disabilities and mental health diagnoses. We also offer Medicare Set-Aside allocation, and employment network and case management services.

We strive to make rehabilitation easy for the people who need it because it can improve their lives and functioning.

American Dream Employment Network Ticket to Work

For individuals receiving SSA disability benefits, the return to gainful employment can be complicated and challenging. SSA recognizes the challenges that beneficiaries face in returning to work and, as a result, are able to offer supports to individuals who have the goal of achieving financial self-sufficiency, through its Ticket to Work program. 

If you are receiving SSI or Social Security Disability and are between the ages of 18-64 and looking for employment, please contact me.

ADEN is a division of National Disability Institute (NDI), whose mission is to provide a better economic future for Americans with disabilities. ADEN is interested in providing services that lead to the long-term financial stability of job seekers receiving disability benefits. ADEN Members offer the following core services: career counseling, Social Security Work Incentives advisement, job search supports, connection to employers, money management resources and long-term support on the job. 

ADEN is the first national administrative Employment Network providing face- to-face services to Ticket Holders, known as Participants by ADEN, through a network of providers across the country.  ADEN Members consist of qualified community rehabilitation providers and other community partners across the country, all of which meet the requirements of SSA, to serve ADEN Participants.  ADEN recognizes the importance of engaging employers in a meaningful way and is focused on building a network of Employer Partners who are interested in diversifying their workforce by hiring qualified Participants. 


Medicare Set-Aside Reporting

In 1980, Congress enacted the Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP) in an effort to slow the rising cost of Medicare.  The MSP prohibited Medicare from paying for medical treatment that was also covered by other insurers. In these instances, Medicare becomes the ‘secondary payer’ for medical care.  Medicare demands that their interest is taken into consideration when settling cases – where the settlement funds include money for future medical care.  If not, Medicare can take legal action and the Medicare benefits can be forfeited. Medicare strongly recommends compliance of the MSP to set-aside money from the settlement funds that would cover future medical care otherwise covered by Medicare.  And, Medicare even recommends that some of these cases be submitted to Medicare to review/approve the adequacy of the amount.  This is the conception of a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Allocation. The Medicare Set-Aside Allocation is a detailed report which determines future medical care and what is acceptable/covered by Medicare.  During the settlement process, it is imperative that you understand when and how the case should be evaluated to assure Medicare’s interest has been taken into consideration.

MVS provide Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Trust Allocation report services. The Medicare Allocation report enables claims professionals, structured settlement brokers and legal professionals to comply with the requirements set by Medicare secondary payment statute (42 U.S.C. 1395 y (b)(2)(A) and (B)).

Prior to settlement, MVS works with you and reviews the claim. The goal is to identify if a Set-Aside Trust Allocation is indicated based upon criteria promulgated by Medicare. MVS offers many service levels from initial assessment to full Set-Aside Trust Allocation report completion. Evaluate case to determine if Set-Aside Allocation will be required by CMS, including review of medical records & prepare cost analysis reporting for CMS approval, obtaining approval of Set-Aside amount from CMS/Medicare, secure confirmation of any Medicare liens and assess SSD status & date of entitlement, securing rated age, obtaining medical releases and signed Medicare / CMS release, as well as Social Security Administration’s release - SSA 3288. 

Vocational Rehabilitation

At those times, when an injured employee is incapable of returning to their former position, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor will assist the employee to re-enter the workforce in a position that is suitable to their residual functional capacity, work experience and education.  

Services offered include:

  • Vocational Evaluation and Assessment
  • Job Analysis, Job Description and Essential Job Function Analysis
  • Job Development and Placement
  • Transferable Skills Analysis/ Employability Assessment
  • Suitability Evaluations
  • Labor Market Survey
  • Disability Assessments
  • Vocational Testing
  • Social Security Disability Evaluations
  • Expert Testimony Support 
  • Labor Market Survey

CRC’s specialize in positive claim resolution by providing timely and accurate communication with claimant, employer and legal representative.  After assessment of an individual’s level of physical and psychological functioning, we develop an action plan and implement necessary services and programs to generate claim closure for carrier’s and employer’s administrating short and long-term disability claims. Cost-containment is always a consideration.